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After a shocking defeat in the "Battle Of Dexterity", Thumbs were forced to flee the forefingers and retreat to the South Hand Wasteland. With resentment towards their dextrous counterparts growing by the day, and finger food in short supply, Thumbs have turned against themselves.

This year, 3000 battle hardened Thumb Warriors will enter the Solana metaverse fighting for Solana's  Rule Of Thumb. Thumb vs Thumb in a battle only the bravest will win.

Pull your finger out, grab a weapon and get in the battle.

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Roadmap Tracking & Updates

What has already happened throughout the Thumb Wars journey and what does the future hold?

Stage 1: Project Development
Stage 2: Pre-Mint
Stage 3: Mint
Stage 4: Post-Mint
Stage 5: Community Wallet
Stage 6: Thumb Wars Battle
Stage 7: Weapons & Upgrades

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